Street Style | BlackMilk

BlackMilk has the best prints.. I have yet to buy a dress or a pair of leggings from there ( I really want the Mermaid leggings!). But what caught my eye when I walked past her at first was the pastel pink shades that compliment her hair so well.

Street Style | Vintage Appropriation

I like the how she appropriates what would normally be a very vintage-retro look with a yellow blouse into a modern and fun version of it. How cute is her look? :) 

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week | Sharon on Primped and Primed

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week | Capped Sleeve Neutrals

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week | Floral Peplum

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week | Flapper

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week | Pastel Denim

Winter is coming... nevertheless this pastel shade of denim has been growing on me.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week | Sequin Disco

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week | Reflective Clutch

'Metallics' are old now but anything silver or very shiny is going to be HUGE in Australia (well for the fashion conscious). This has to be the first time that I am convinced that something so bold and eye-blinding could be so sophisticated. People were wearing full on reflective silver tees and it actually looked good.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week | Sheer Coat

So this week I managed to drop by for half an hour to Carriage Works to snap a few shots. I wish I could have stayed longer. Next year, I am going to take a week off to shoot or even better, to Europe for fashion week! Some people had the most amazing outfits. It's funny how a lot of the people there walked outside 'parading' themselves. But hey, they did look great :)I love how he mixes the size and monochromatic combination together and puts a sheer coat on top to make the contrast subdued.